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You may only use 5% of the capability of an off-road camper trailer!

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Water crossing in kimberley off road camper trailer

“We travel just 2.5 hours west of Sydney on the freeway, then 20 minutes on a dirt road to where there is a great camping spot on the side of a river. You will find many people here with the same idea.
However, crossing the river a little further up requires just 100m of off road travel; then 300-500mm of water crossing; then another 200m off road to the perfect camping spot…. with absolute privacy.
So we only use the “off road” features of our camper trailer for less than 5% of our travels; but wow, that 5% makes all the difference to great camping!” quote from Sydney Customer.

So what off road features do you use that lets you be more independent, go anywhere and experiance ALL of Australia?

Feature Onroad Outback(assume soft floor camper trailer) Off-road(assume hard floor camper trailer)
Travel Clearance Low Low-Moderate High
Adjustable travel height No No Yes with air springs
Soft Suspension for stability at speed Generally Leaf springs Generally limited travel coil springs Good travel coil or air springs
Wading creeks and rivers No Maybe but sections may take in water Yes, should be good for 700mm+
Reverse turn in vehicles length Maybe but low clearance means flat areas only Maybe but low clearance means flat areas only Good clearance and long drawbar means yes, easily.
Dust Ingress Usually Usually Should be not at all
Interchangeable wheels and tyres Generally no Generally no Generally yes, though there are limits based on make of vehicle.
Speed of setup (Fast is 1 minute) Always softfloor and slow If hardfloor, can be fast. If soft floor, slow If hardfloor, can be fast. If soft floor, slow
Air flow for comfort Generally no forced air flow inside tent Generally no forced air flow inside tent Generally there is forced air flow or extraction for improved comfort.
Compressor refrigeration for off road Generally not Generally not Generally yes, with added filtration of compressor cooling air while traveling.

What are the different scenarios that give the off-road features of camper trailers a big advantage?

  • Taking a short cut through difficult roads to save going “all the way around”.
  • Crossing a creek or river to get to a better camping spot quickly.
  • Traveling at reasonable-to-good speed over difficult roads.
  • Reversing out of a blind “road” with ease
  • Picking up that unpowered site right on the beach where the others just cant get to.
  • Setting up camp in minutes.
  • Much more comfortable design for both hot and/or cold nights.
  • Going down a short difficult track to get to the perfect camp by the river.
  • Going up to the highest point for the best views.
  • Hard floor keeps “flash floods” from getting inside.
  • Large solar and batteries for independence without running a generator.

Overall, you to experience ALL of Australia!

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