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Kimberley Off-road Camper Trailer with Bowler Alloy wheels

bowler off road alloy wheels for off road camper trailer

bowler off road alloy wheels for off road camper trailer

Bowler is a market leader in the production of racing and high performance all terrain vehicles, and has been since 1985. The UK pioneers in Rally Raid cars, Bowler have designed, developed and produced some of the most innovative, durable and exciting all terrain vehicles ever seen. Bowler use both technology and craftsmanship to deliver vehicles with style, strength, performance and an unrivalled spirit of adventure.”

It was no surprise then that a Kimberley customer passionate about Bowler products sourced original Bowler wheels for his new off-road camper trailer by Kimberley.

We have seen a lot of wheels at Kimberley but nothing with the strength and quality of these.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these lightweight high strength 18 x 8 inch wheels are exclusive to Bowler and are a direct fitment to Defender hubs for matching wheels and tyres between the Land Rover Defender and the Kimberley Platinum camper trailer. Available in white, anthracite and black, they are available from Bowler in the UK at £325 each.

What else did the Kimberley customer order?

On the Kitchen side:

Master Galley Kitchen for off road camper trailer

Master galley kitchen in Platinum camper trailer

The standard Platinum features of Stainless steel Master Kitchen that pulls out on roller bearings with one hand; the stainless steel dining bench, concealed underneath means one less table to carry; the BBQ and large WOK burner; the clever split pantry that also glides with one hand; and off course the diesel hot water system plumbed right to the sink at the end of the kitchen slide.

Flipping down inside the Gullwing lid is a 22 inch TV that will show DVD’s and TV as you require plus the Smart touch energy, water tank and switching system…. Read and control all of the systems in your camper just like using a smart phone!

smart touch display

smart touch display

In the front Gullwing area of the off-road camper trailer:

Fuel cell in front gullwing pack

Fuel cell in front gullwing pack

A high capacity fuel cell; a 10L methanol cartridge, a Digital DVD, FM, AM and MP3 player, a high gain modem/router for the bush with a 6db antennae. Missing are the 2 x 20L Jerry cans. The Fuel cell automatic controller is shown on the back wall.

On the drivers side Gullwing:

Off road camper driver side systems for Platinum camper

Off road camper driver side systems

A Weber Baby Q, the diesel hot water system with visi-flow lift of 4m from a billabong or stream that bypasses the tank; the compressor of a 2.2kW split air conditioner; the 3.5L diesel tank (good for at least a month) and then look at the detail on the air suspension system:

Passenger and Driver side paddle vales so that you can get the Kamper perfectly level when at a campsite; below these is the airbag pressure and temperature monitors that display the readings on the in-dash display. This is patented by Kimberley.

Finally an on the road view showing the airconditioner on top…

Platinum camper trailer with bowler wheels

Platinum camper trailer with bowler wheels

Rear view with the “selecta-swing-away” – that takes an additional Jerry can and a second spare wheel! Excuse the test vehicle which isn’t a “Defender”…

Platinum offroad camper trailer

Platinum offroad camper trailer

The performance features of this off-road camper trailer are that it can travel at better speed over difficult conditions, thanks to the air-suspension and superior assisted disc braking.

For a similar specification, Kimberley is 200kgs lighter than any other in its class. It is hard to beat this low weight distribution.

Kimberley off-road Camper going to Dallas Texas behind Jeep Unlimited

kimberley offroad camper trailers header

Kimberley kamper to USA 800px

This Kimberley Kamper Platinum Model is shipping to the USA for a customer with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4dr modified with 4″ lift, 35″ wheels on 18″ rims, winch and special 5 coat Bentley Gray Satin Kevlar paint job. Once arrived in LA, the Kamper will be fitted with Trail Grapplers 35″ x 12.5 50 R18’s on Rhino Sidewinder 18″x9 Matte Black rims.
(Actual customer’s Jeep photographed above in Dallas Texas with Kimberley Trailer photographed outside the factory prior to shipment)

Updated Photo below of Kamper delivered to Jeep:


kimberley off road camper trailer USA Power inlet 110VKimberley are the only manufacturer in Australia that holds USA NHTSA  (National Highway Transport Safety Administration) compliance. Kimberley’s designation in the world wide VIN system is “6J4”. Export units are fitted with a majority of USA sourced components so that long term support is easier. These units are designed to go “off-road” and travel anywhere that the Jeep can safely travel. All power outlets are 110V with USA sourced 1000W inverter. The multi-media sytem that Kimberley supplies including the flip-down 22inch LED screen is compatibile with USA systems and this unit will be fitted with the Sirius Satellite Radio system which delivers hundreds of music only channels in any loaction. 

The Trailer will be fitted with the same wheels and tyres as the Jeep once it arrives in the USA and the hubs are specially machined on the trailer so that the wheels are interchangeable.

USA shipment of Kimberley Kamper to match Jeep

In this Platnum Model, there are many features unique to Kimberley unseen in USA manufacturer products. The chassis is hot dipped galvanised with a 5 year warranty. The independent suspension gives much higher ground clearance for rock crawling and crevice straddling. The drawbar extension allows vehicles to sit at 90 degrees to the trailer allowing for reverse turns in the length of the trailer. The author has turned around in reverse on fire trails in the Rockies which would not be possible with any other trailer.

Kimberley Chassis and Independent Suspension

The stainless steel slide out kitchen pulls out in seconds with hot water available in less than 4 minutes. The Hot water system is diesel powered (bio-diesel or mineral diesel) and includes as standard a pump and valve system which allows you to lift water from a lake or stream up to 12 ft vertically with no pre-priming. This means you can have constant hot water, as long as your lake has water, continuously!

The trailer has an inbuilt automatic tropical and winterised roof. It gives added protection in the summer and keeps the early spring “dusting of snow” on the upper of the 2 canvas roofs. Under the bed is a dielectric membrane heater which keeps your bed dry and warm.

A diesel powered heater will warm both the camper trailer and second bedroom and will operate at up to 9,000ft!

The mesh windows are special Japaneese micromesh which will keep out “no-see-ums” but still let the air flow. The bedroom has an automatic window and air extraction system to keep the air flowing up high ensuring natural coolness even in an afternoon storm.

Solar power is standard on all Kimberley Models and this unit has either 120W combination of a solar suitcase and front mounted panel or a 220W rear super thin solar that folds in with the camper trailer at the rear. A second bedroom zips on underneath the solar panel for 2 adults or 3 children.

The battery system is either Lithium or AGM batteries from 126amp hrs to 200 Amphours proving enough power for the 80 quart refrigerator, the water pumps, the LED lighting and of course the Multimedia system. The DVD player and radio can be controlled by iPad or iPhone apps from 30ft away and the sound system switch from the outside speakers to the inside system at the touch of a finger.

The braking system is either Dexter (USA) electric drum brakes or Kimberley Disc brakes with Hydrastar (USA) electronic disc actuators. 

Finally, the U shaped kitchen and cooking facilities are just exceptional. The preparation area is big and separate to the cooking area with the refrigerator in the middle of the U configuration.

To find out more about the design of off road trailers read this eBook.

DOWNLOAD a 44 Page Design Guide for Off Road Camper Trailers
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For information on importing Kimberley products into the USA click here


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