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Kimberley Off-road Camper Trailer with Bowler Alloy wheels

bowler off road alloy wheels for off road camper trailer

bowler off road alloy wheels for off road camper trailer

Bowler is a market leader in the production of racing and high performance all terrain vehicles, and has been since 1985. The UK pioneers in Rally Raid cars, Bowler have designed, developed and produced some of the most innovative, durable and exciting all terrain vehicles ever seen. Bowler use both technology and craftsmanship to deliver vehicles with style, strength, performance and an unrivalled spirit of adventure.”

It was no surprise then that a Kimberley customer passionate about Bowler products sourced original Bowler wheels for his new off-road camper trailer by Kimberley.

We have seen a lot of wheels at Kimberley but nothing with the strength and quality of these.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these lightweight high strength 18 x 8 inch wheels are exclusive to Bowler and are a direct fitment to Defender hubs for matching wheels and tyres between the Land Rover Defender and the Kimberley Platinum camper trailer. Available in white, anthracite and black, they are available from Bowler in the UK at £325 each.

What else did the Kimberley customer order?

On the Kitchen side:

Master Galley Kitchen for off road camper trailer

Master galley kitchen in Platinum camper trailer

The standard Platinum features of Stainless steel Master Kitchen that pulls out on roller bearings with one hand; the stainless steel dining bench, concealed underneath means one less table to carry; the BBQ and large WOK burner; the clever split pantry that also glides with one hand; and off course the diesel hot water system plumbed right to the sink at the end of the kitchen slide.

Flipping down inside the Gullwing lid is a 22 inch TV that will show DVD’s and TV as you require plus the Smart touch energy, water tank and switching system…. Read and control all of the systems in your camper just like using a smart phone!

smart touch display

smart touch display

In the front Gullwing area of the off-road camper trailer:

Fuel cell in front gullwing pack

Fuel cell in front gullwing pack

A high capacity fuel cell; a 10L methanol cartridge, a Digital DVD, FM, AM and MP3 player, a high gain modem/router for the bush with a 6db antennae. Missing are the 2 x 20L Jerry cans. The Fuel cell automatic controller is shown on the back wall.

On the drivers side Gullwing:

Off road camper driver side systems for Platinum camper

Off road camper driver side systems

A Weber Baby Q, the diesel hot water system with visi-flow lift of 4m from a billabong or stream that bypasses the tank; the compressor of a 2.2kW split air conditioner; the 3.5L diesel tank (good for at least a month) and then look at the detail on the air suspension system:

Passenger and Driver side paddle vales so that you can get the Kamper perfectly level when at a campsite; below these is the airbag pressure and temperature monitors that display the readings on the in-dash display. This is patented by Kimberley.

Finally an on the road view showing the airconditioner on top…

Platinum camper trailer with bowler wheels

Platinum camper trailer with bowler wheels

Rear view with the “selecta-swing-away” – that takes an additional Jerry can and a second spare wheel! Excuse the test vehicle which isn’t a “Defender”…

Platinum offroad camper trailer

Platinum offroad camper trailer

The performance features of this off-road camper trailer are that it can travel at better speed over difficult conditions, thanks to the air-suspension and superior assisted disc braking.

For a similar specification, Kimberley is 200kgs lighter than any other in its class. It is hard to beat this low weight distribution.

Customers love our new air-conditioning in their camper trailers!

kimberley offroad camper trailers header

off road camper trailer air conditioningWe are hearing great things about our split-system air-conditiing for camper trailers:
“We live in the tropics and when it is hot and humid it is no fun, especially when you don’t get sleep. The whether has warmed up very quickly and on our shake down trip we put the air con to good use for the 7 days when needed. It is quiet, cools down well, even the extended bedroom. Honda EU20 ran it without a problem. Earned some major brownie points with the wife.”

The saying “horses for courses” is well understood when travelling. Everyone has different preferences and habits, some of which are sacrosanct. One of these is sleeping in air-conditioned space, cool as a cucumber! Now if you love camper trailers and the way they embrace the bush as your living room, sleeping in airconditioned canvas may have seemed like a tough request. However, at Kimberley we have built a superb airconditioning pak that should meet your needs.

We have built air-conditioned camper trailers before but found there were several problems that had to be overcome for the perfect solution.

  • It had to be a split system so that the condensor and compressor can be located as far away as possible
  • The evaporator part of the split system had to be “inside” the airconditioned space to re-circulate the cool air.
  • There had to be a drain for the condensate from the evaporator
  • The air had to be able to be directed toward the roof so that it would comfortable fall toward the bed at low fan speed
  • It had to have a quiet fan
  • It had to have controls that were easily accessible by either person when sleeping
  • It had to be greater than 2kW of cooling capacity!

air conditioning recirculates inside air of camper trailerThe Kimberley air-conditioning solution involves:

  • changing the shape of the tent body can be easily expanded over the permanently mounted airconditioning eveaporator when you need it!
  • placing the condensor and compressor inside the Gullwing pack, out of the way
  • permanently installing the wiring so that the generator plugs into the normal 240V outside outlet to power the air-conditioning.
  • reach back and adjust bthe temperature or fan speed
  • Have adjustable guides to direct the airflow as you wish
  • is incredibly economical as the cooled air is recirculated.

The air flows at a maximum of 110 litres per second. Thats a lot of air circulating! 

As a guide for how effective it is we suggest this scenarion:

  • Outside temperature is 38 degrees and high humidity
  • You have the tropical roof deployed on the Kimberley
  • You have the doors zipped up and 90% of the windows.
  • The fan based heat extraction fan is running in the roof

Then you should achive an inside temperature 10 degrees below the ambient. So in this case it would be 28 degrees BUT the air is very dry and therefore more comfortable.

air-conditioned camperThis kit includes:

  1. Air Handler Unit with adjustable air direction and full temperature and power control – reach through from bed for easy adjustment. Zippered cover protects Air Handler when traveling.
  2. Condenser Unit – Isolated from Air Handler. Located in right side of Delta Gullwing Box. Delta box door can be held down and slightly open to allow air flow but remain protected from the weather and help with noise suppression.
  3. Extended Tent Air Section – this is integrated into the front wall and attaches to Airconditioning unit with velcro, zippered section. If you don’t require the airconditioner, you can zipper this section back to the front wall and use window as normal for airflow – the rest of the time it travels folded up with the tent body inside the camper trailer.

off road camper trailer split system air conditioning 1237e

off road camper trailer split system air conditioning 1228e


The 2 photos below show the unit when not in use on the left and then when in use on the right.

We have added a deflector shield for the split unit located on top of the Gullwing Pak to improve the aerodynamics when driving!


Q: Can i operate this on the on-board inverter?

A: We have designed the same unit to run off the Lithium Batteries in the Kimberley Eco-suite and Kimberley kruiser. A total of 480 Ahrs of Lithium Battery capacity is needed with a large 2700W auto-cutover inverter. This is all too bulky for the camper trailer sowe have not included it as an option. It is also a lot of expense.

Q: Will it cool down the second bedroom that is zipped onto the rear?

A: The fan can be turned up high and uill certainly blow air into the second bedroom. It is located above where you sleep so the higher fan speed will be noisier. An alternative is to locate a second 12V fan in the second bedroom blowing air drom the airconditioned camper trailer tent into the second bedroom.


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Cameron Johnston

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