Kimberley Off-Road Campers at the 2013 SA Caravan and Camping Show

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Your Kimberley dealer Stuart Scholz of Cameron Caravans in Adelaide, is displaying plenty of off-road camper trailer and caravans at the South Australia Caravan and Camping Show from Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th February, 2013. 

Here’s some of the stock they’ll have on display (shown below):


New TPMS 12 wheel tyre pressure monitoring off road caravans

Order your Kimberley at this show to receive a Kimberley Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring PAK worth $1290 RRP! This will monitor up to 12 tyres and is perfect for tandem caravans with 2 spares. The eBook below explains how to optimize your tyre pressures and make full use of a TPMS Pack!

How to Optimize Tyre Pressure and Temperatures
Download this comprehensive eBook here

The Kimberley Factory Special is in addition to any deal that you do with our Kimberley Dealer at the show.

Get in and avoid the limited time Stuart will have at the show by talking to him now.

You can still take advantage of this offer before the show by calling them today
on (08) 8276 5444

If you would like to read more about the Kimberley Factory Special you can do so here:

(When you register, there is no compulsion to buy, we respect you are researching and negotiating)

Kimberley also recognize that at this point in the economy more customers want some flexibility with their investments and/or funds when purchasing camper trailers and caravans. 

Because the resale value of a Kimberley is maintained at such a high level, there is a good case to consider financing options. Kimberley are co-marketing with GE Capital a range of finance options tailored to suit your needs and the robust resale vale of Kimberley products.

So come on down and talk through your off-road accommodation needs and see Australia’s finest off-road camper trailers and caravans for yourself. We’d love to see you at the show!


Kimberley Sales Team and Cameron Caravans

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