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Best Outside Kitchen in an off-road Camper Trailer

best outside kitchen for off road camper trailer

This is a big statement, so what makes for the "best outside kitchen" in an off-road camper trailer? Well firstly, one that has been designed by a woman. Yes guys, we can design great suspension but when it comes to kitchens, work flow and layout, you have to engage the masters of multi-tasking. So at Kimberley we took this seriously and after extensive interviews and trial layouts came up with these requirements, courtesy of the fairer sex.

Winter warmth comes with 4 heater types in an off road camper trailer

Winter warmth by camp fire with off road camper trailer resized 600

We all love campfires! They are one of the few touchstones to our primative past and so popular with young and old. The social environment is relaxed, and you can just sit back and enjoy the stars, watching the embers curl upwards into the night sky. You would be reluctant to leave this and step back to your camper trailer bed... unless... you have bought a Kimberley.

You may only use 5% of the capability of an off-road camper trailer!

Water crossing in kimberley off road camper trailer

“We travel just 2.5 hours west of Sydney on the freeway, then 20 minutes on a dirt road to where there is a great camping spot on the side of a river. You will find many people here with the same idea.
However, crossing the river a little further up requires just 100m of off road travel; then 300-500mm of water crossing; then another 200m off road to the perfect camping spot.... with absolute privacy.
So we only use the “off road” features of our camper trailer for less than 5% of our travels; but wow, that 5% makes all the difference to great camping!”  quote from Sydney Customer.

So what off road features do you use that lets you be more independent, go anywhere and experiance ALL of Australia?

Why it's smart to match wheels & tyres in an off-road camper trailer!

matching wheels and tyres of camper trailer to vehicle

How many tyres have you changed in the last 12 months? If you are just driving around a local urban area, the stats would be zero. But if you are on country roads, then probably 1 or 2. However, if you are on poor bush roads then the number climbs above this. It is hard to say and depends on the roads in a particular year and season.

How long can we stay off-road with our camper trailer solar system?

220W solar panel

Off road camper trailers are very light, or they should be! Because of this the amount of battery capacity is limited by space and weight. Typically with a fridge on board, most off-road camper trailers have 200 Ahrs capacity. What most people want to know is how long can I stay in a remote place without using a generator?

Travelling easily in Dust and Mud with an Off-road Camper Trailer

Dust proof and water proof after cape trip in Kimberley Kamper off-road camper trailer

One of the fundamental requirements for an off road camper trailer is to travel comfortably in fine bull dust or mud. This means when you break for camp, you can get straight into the cooking or into bed without having to clean up dust and mud that has got in through the seals.

Discover a camper trailer camping gem - Stradbroke Island

offroad camper trailer stradbroke 3428e640x480

North Stradbroke Island offers great fishing, remote beach campsites, beautiful lakes, challenging offroad tracks and some great camp grounds all within 1 hour of Brisbane. How will you decide what to do first? 

5 Reasons camping in an offroad camper trailer is great

offroad camper trailer stradbroke 3428e640x480

Camping does require effort and sometimes when the weather is bad, the trip has been taxing and the kids are whining you can wonder if you would have been better off staying at a resort and saving yourself the effort! That's how I felt at the start of our last adventure together to North Stradbroke Island but read on and you'll discover the reasons why camping in an offroad camper trailer can be a great experience.

Driving the new 4WD PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) off-road.

Bruce Loxton and Phev at Bombala River off-road test

It is only 5 years ago that the thought of an "electric vehicle" conjured up a golf cart with small wheels and a jerky take off. Then along came compact Hybrid cars, followed by the Tesla Sports Saloon. Now we have a 4WD!

In-car monitoring of air-suspension pressure for off road caravans

TPMS with Airbag monitoring offroad caravan resized 600

Now you can monitor your Kimberley Air Suspension with the same TPMS that monitors the tyre pressures on your vehicle and off road caravan or camper trailer. It can trigger an alarm on pressure loss or temperature variations. To improve safety and driver confidence Kimberley have introduced continous monitoring of the air suspension pressure and temperature. It is so innovative, it is patented.

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