5 Reasons camping in an offroad camper trailer is great

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offroad camper trailer stradbroke 3428e640x480Camping does require effort and sometimes when the weather is bad, the trip has been taxing and the kids are whining you can wonder if you would have been better off staying at a resort and saving yourself the effort! That’s how I felt at the start of our last adventure together to North Stradbroke Island but read on and you’ll discover the reasons why camping in an offroad camper trailer can be a great experience.





  1. Enjoy being ‘immersed’ in nature
    Camping really allows you to experience nature unfiltered – enjoy the breeze, the salty air, the sand underfoot. Ofcourse, you are also exposed to the whims of nature and when the rain and wind come it is nice to have some protection. That is where Kimberley camper trailers are great – when it rains we can retreat under the awning and quickly pop-up a side wall for extra protection.
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    Being immersed in nature is also great for the kids. They naturally love being outside and can easily amuse themselves for hours (which is also a great rest for parents). It also encourages a ‘resilience’ in children which I think makes them more grateful when they return to a cosy and comfortable home.
  2. Meet new people
    When you are living without ‘walls’ (like you would at home or staying in a resort) you tend to meet all kinds of interesting people. Camping seems to be a real ‘leveller’ and the shared experience tends to make conversations flow easily. It is a great opportunity to be exposed to people from all different backgrounds and listening to their stories can be very interesting. Camper trailers facilitate this ‘social’ aspect of camping because of their ‘outside living’ layout. Ofcourse, if you’ve had enough talking, you can always create some privacy with a full set of canvas walls and create your own cosy space!
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  3. Let your kids explore and be creative to entertain themselves.
    Another benefit of living without ‘walls’ is the freedom it provides for children to roam, explore and entertain themselves. It brings me great joy as a parent when our three children create a game and entertain themselves. This usually involves three simple ingredients; dirt/sand, water and space – which aligns perfectly with what I enjoy in a good campsite! Finding this ‘space’ is easy with a lightweight offroad camper trailer because you can not only access remote places but you can also stay for longer periods thanks to innovative energy and water solutions.
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  4. Enjoy the simple things in life – no distractions
    In this busy ‘always on’ world we live in I enjoy the simplicity of  ‘switching off’ , literally. Getting away from these distractions it is much easier to really focus on relationships – especially with children. We can enjoy time together fishing, swimming, eating – without distraction – without text messages – without emails – without watching funny videos of cats on YouTube!

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  5. Enjoy endless sunsets
    On our recent camping trip we spent a week camped in a fantastic position at Amity Point on North Stradbroke Island, just off the Queensland coast. Whilst we did stay in a caravan park we were grateful to be in a camper trailer with large battery capacity, efficient fridge and solar panels because the best sites were all unpowered. Our unpowered waterfront site (the best in the park by far) was a mere stone’s throw from the water.
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    From the window above our bed we could look out at the ocean through the trees with nothing in the way. Being on the Western side of the island, sunset was a special time. As the sun sank lower in the sky the colours were amazing and created some really striking photography opportunities with the city of Brisbane skyline. Also, being April, the temperature was just right for basking in this sunset light without being too hot to enjoy it.Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the dolphins splashing around at sunset too…. but that story is for another time.

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