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Portable Wood Stove packs some punch at 3kW

Portable wood burning stove in a Kimberley KamperThere are many National Parks and other locations where it is difficult if not impossible to get firewood. A Kimberley Kamper is designed to carry firewood on top of the Gullwing Pack. However, an open fire consumes a lot of firewood which may not last long if you are dependent on carrying wood in.

The Scandinavians camp in cold weather and are very resourceful with this folding portable slow burning wood stove. It packs a punch of heat with a 3kW rating. What we like about this model is that it has glass on 3 sides which accommodates a bigger group of people sitting around it.

Using the Portable Wood Stove with the Ultra Light Bedouin Awning

Ultra light bedouin awning on kimberley camper

The stove is perfect with the new Ultra Light Bedouin Awning. The flue protrudes through the Bedouin flaps and then goes vertical. There is a spark arrestor at the top of the flue. The clever exhaust system will extract the smoke efficiently. There are adjustable air flow vents on the front door.

It takes minutes to setup and arrives in a purpose built wooden box. The box stores perfectly in the drivers side of the Gullwing pack. The flue sections also pack in here.

Wood Stove in side Kimberley Kamper

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

This is both eco-friendly and glamping at its best. Wood is conserved and the comfort of the fire is brought right inside the bedouin awning making the heating more efficient.

Flue assembles with circular clamps

The flue comes in 5 pieces and assembles by using circular clamps. These are a little fiddly to apply but really secure the flue nicely. A vertical post goes in the ground to support the vertical section of the flue.

There is a Winter Special that will include this item available from Kimberley Dealers from March  24th 2016.

Thanks to Gavin Ger for his resourceful research and preparation of the unit.

Portable wood stove in a Kimberley Kamper