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BBQ, Two Burner & Griller: best camper trailer kitchen

Family-Campfire-Kimberley-off-road-camper-trailerWhen you are free camping, most people plan for outdoor cooking and the most popular form is around a campfire. However, whilst the campfire is great for selected foods, it may not be the most convenient for an entire meal. The best cooking appliance is dictated by the foods which are to be cooked. Combine campfire cooking of some foods with boiling, frying, grilling, woking and roasting of other foods. Every night can be a constant variation in producing a gourmet meal. Any Kimberley camper trailer can have all of these in one new camper trailer Kitchen!

The new Kimberley camping trailer kitchen slide with boiling, grilling, BBQ and Baking is great when you cant use the campfire and having a great outside kitchen is so convenient.

BBQ Cooker Griller Pantry


Boiling water is the most common kitchen operation undertaken on the trail, used for cooking or reconstituting food, making hot beverages. Cookers then are therefore generally rated in terms of how quickly they can boil a liter of water.


Grills are simple to use and meats being grilled can be healthier with any fat draining away. Toast is best done under a griller and revitalizes older bread.

BBQ Plate cooking

This can be so convenient and with the right BBQ can be easy to clean and manage for a quick meal. A good quality BBQ minimizes spoiled food from hot-spots.

BBQ’s are also great for camp cooks making pancakes. It simplifies their work and speed up their service by pouring enough batter to make one large, moderate-thickness pancake that takes up the entire plate and then cutting the final product with the spatula to serve individual portions.


Putting a baking sheet pan in an enclosed oven over a flame is common to make breads, pies, and among campers who enjoy stuffing their meats. The camp oven is superb but when this is not practical, the BBQ with a trivet and hood can be used as an oven.


The fastest and easiest way to add vegetables can be by using a wok. The catch is it has to be very hot and a large shape. Woks, once seasoned are very easy to keep clean.


Camper Trailer Kitchen
Cooking Appliance

Mounted on
kitchen 878V
Mounted on
878C or 878D
Boiling  2-Burner-Cooker-for-Boiling  YES  ALTERNATE
Grilling  2 Burner Grilling Toast YES ALTERNATE
BBQ Plate cooking  Kimberley Kamper Stainless Steel BBQ  YES ALTERNATE
Baking  BBQ Trivet for baking YES ALTERNATE
Woks  kimberley-WOK-burner  NO  YES

All 4 cooking functions available on a Kimberley camper trailer kitchen slide.

Kimberley have released the NEW Universal Cooking Slide which accommodates the Stainless Steel BBQ and the 2 Burner and Griller on the one slide. This gives you the best of both worlds!

Camper Trailer Kitchen cooker slide

These are the other choices available:

This is standard on the Kimberley Kamper Classic:

KPR-UBX-UNI CookerSlide-2Burner Classic

This can be upgraded to a BBQ and an additional pantry drawer:

KPR-UBX-UNI CookerSlide-Draw-BBQ

Or add the Wok Burner instead of the drawer:

KPR-UBX-UNI CookerSlide-Wok-BBQ