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Off-road Camper Trailers at the Hero Rally, Inner Mongolia

Kimberley Off-road camper trailers at FBLife Hero Rally Inner Mongolia Kimberley Off-road camper trailers at FBLife Hero Rally Inner Mongolia.

The “Hero Rally” may be one of the largest off-road rallies in the world. There are over 30,000 people registered to participate and over 100,000 visitors. It is held in early October every year in the middle of the Zuoqi Tengger Desert in Inner Mongolia, China.

It is also one of the more interesting. The arena has a certain “Mad Max” feel to it with an off-road track that cars race around between participants.

10th Anniversary of Hero off-road rally in China

This is the 10th Anniversary of the event featuring the “Best of the Best” in competition. Kimberley Kampers were invited to participate as a special exhibitor as one of the “World’s Best Off-road Camper Trailers”. Kimberley exhibited at the Beijing RV show in September and were visited there by participants.

Kicking up sandThe rally runs for 7 days from October 1st. Interest in Kimberley’s off-road camper trailers is driven by a lack of accommodation. There is no hotel accommodation nor restaurant facilities. All participants have to camp and bring their own food and entertainment.

Sounds like fun plus our sort of trip!

Here are some more pics of last years participants. The rally details are hosted on a Chinese only website

Hero Rally expedition    hero rally 10th anniversary

camels in the Alxa Desert

Quad Bike (ATV) Carrier on off-road camper trailers

Kimberley will be featuring our Limited Edition Kamper with a 350kg ATV or Quad Bike loaded on the top. The Quad Bike Carrier has special chassis changes as well as a specially designed loading rack. The design transfers the weight of the bike directly to the chassis and not to the camper trailer roof. If the bike was just sitting on the Kamper roof, the weight would break the dust seals and probably damage the mechanism. This option requires a Model with air-suspension, electronic disc brakes and mono-tube shock absorbers. It also requires the anti-sway bar option to be fitted. The ATM of this configuration is 2,100 kgs giving at least 400kgs for a bike, 200kgs for the water and 40kgs for fuel.

Kimberley Kamper with ATV loaded on top

Actual Unit shipped to China with ATV up to 400kgs on top

Camping-in-China-with-Kimberley-Kamper-and-Meng-Shou-Awning-and-BrochureKimberley Off-road Camper Trailers feature large lightweight awnings.

  • New Bedouin Ultra Light Awning 7m long 2.6m wide. Everyone can sit comfortably inside the camper trailer mesh walls and see out. No closed “dark cave”.
  • As a part of this awning design you can “dock” up to 2 bedroom tents under the camper trailer sub-awnings. Stay dry and connected.
  • 12V LED lighting leads to both bedroom tent spaces. Your guests don’t even need a torch.
  • For 2-3 more people, add the medium second bedroom at the back of the camper trailer.
  • If its a winter trip, we can add the ducted diesel heater to the comfort essentials in the camper trailer with ducts to the bedroom tents (releases soon)
  • Add 2-3 more 12V fridges that can sit near the kitchen and plug in to operate from the camper trailer battery and solar system.
  • New 180W Super Light solar weighs only 5kg and can power and charge batteries with up to 3 fridges attached. Leave it against the Bedouin side flaps or move it around to follow the sun.
  • New waterless toilet is good for 80 uses, has no smell and sits in the camper trailer larger toilet suite.
  • The virtually instantaneous diesel hot water system will run for hours with the visi-flow access to a stream or billabong. No need to wait in a line for the hot water tank to reheat!
  • The Master cooking station can have 2 large wok burners and a third BBQ or griller that can feed a tribe.
  • And the best part, this is an “Ultra Light” awning made from highest quality Australian canvas.

The Photo below is of the Alxa Geo Park with water areas blooming.


Alxa Desert Geo Park Inner Mongolia

Kimberley off-road camper trailers were on display at the Beijing RV Show

Kimberley are the only caravan builder in Australia who regularly export and are enjoyed on 5 continents. Kimberley received orders at the Beijing RV show and have formed a JV in China to supply Australian made camper trailers and caravans to the China market. The cheap Chinese made trailers seen in Australia are not displayed at these shows as the Chinese buyers are only interested in quality products.

Bein RV Show Exhibit Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailers

Desert Travel with lightweight off-road camper trailers

lightweight off road camper trailer or caravan design guide Desert travel

Traveling through the desert needs special preparation. It also involves special preparation and taking things with you. (Like taking firewood with you.)

This can add to the weight of your vehicle.

However, you need the absolute lightest load and overall weight. This is where the challenge lies. How to select the right options for your off road camper trailer or caravan for the safest travel across harsh and hot country; or for travel on remote sandy beaches.

Kimberley have published all the knowhow from over 7,000 customers in thiseasy to read eBook. It is available free on line if you register.

It isn’t written for long stays in the desert but for travelers “passing across” spartan earth or sand.

Desert travel with a lightweight off road caravan

This is written for BOTH caravans amd camper trailers with a specific section on canvas design for desert travel. Download this eBook of 76 pages which includes the following topics:

  1. Low weight is essential
  2. Traps that increase “apparent weight”
  3. Importance of good Suspension
  4. Length and Ramp over angles
  5. Matching wheels tyres
    Large Diameter Wheels and tyres
  6. Water – How much do we need?
    Water tank configurations  Dual Grey Water Tanks and Using reclaimed water
  7. Importance of understanding canvas in hot climates
    Tropical Roof: both Canvas and Metal
    Insulation, Airflow, 12V Air-conditioning and comfort off-road
    Air-flow and Natural Coolness
    Air conditioners
  8. What is the trend in energy use in a caravan?
  9. What size batteries to design for?
  10. The weight of adding batteries and solar
  11. The “weight effect” of Braking

With the right lightweight off road camper trailer or caravan and vehicle combination, you can travel safely anywhere and experience the best geo parks in the world!