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Camper Trailer sleeps 10, toilet, shower easy set up

off-road-camper-awning-kimberley-kamper-7876-largeKimberley debut their 2016 range of camper trailer that sets up for 10 people.
The dream I have always had is to be able to invite friends to come away with our family for a long weekend with just a single Kimberley Kamper. Our friends would only need a tent, sleeping gear, an esky or 12V fridge, food and beverages. The Kamper would be a “base station” for 10-12 people. Of course, we will camp off-road and not in a camping ground.

The complication was to have the comfort essentials, battery capacity and solar available to make sure the weekend went smoothly for everyone.

This dream is now a reality with the 2016 Kimberley Kamper configuration. You can tick all the boxes below and take 10 friends to one of Australia’s sandy islands, camping and fishing. Or, perhaps a weekend trip to the Louth races!

Walk through this Camper Trailer configuration in the video at the end.

Here is the layout of the camper trailer to match the image above:

Off road Camper Trailer Layout for 10 People

Off road Camper Trailer Layout for 10 People

  • New Bedouin Ultra Light Awning 7m long 2.6m wide. Everyone can sit comfortably inside the camper trailer mesh walls and see out. No closed “dark cave”. No sandflies, no insects inside.
  • As a part of this awning design you can “dock” up to 2 bedroom tents under the camper trailer sub-awnings. Stay dry and connected. (only one is shown in the picture above so you can see the second bedroom)
  • 12V LED lighting leads to both bedroom tent spaces. Your guests don’t even need a torch.
  • For 2-3 more people, add the medium second bedroom at the back of the camper trailer.
  • If its a winter trip, we can add the ducted diesel heater to the comfort essentials in the camper trailer with ducts to the bedroom tents (releases soon)
  • Add 2-3 more 12V fridges that can sit near the kitchen and plug in to operate from the camper trailer battery and solar system.
  • New 180W Super Light solar weighs only 5kg and can power and charge batteries with up to 3 fridges attached. Leave it against the Bedouin side flaps or move it around to follow the sun.
  • New waterless toilet is good for 80 uses, has no smell and sits in the camper trailer larger toilet suite.
  • The virtually instantaneous diesel hot water system will run for hours with the visi-flow access to a stream or billabong. No need to wait in a line for the hot water tank to reheat!
  • The Master cooking station can have 2 large wok burners and a third BBQ or griller that can feed a tribe.
  • And the best part, this is an “Ultra Light” awning made from highest quality Australian canvas.
    The new awning is around a third of the weight of the original Bedouin awning.
    Gone are the centre poles and radial spreaders. It easy to setup.
    The result is also better value with a much lower price point. Online pricebook will be updated 8th August.
    It is the cleverest awning we have made for a camper trailer and it can be added to any prior model with the extended tent!
  • And if you want to take some fun: add a 350kg Quad bike on top – read more below!

You can add this setup to any camper trailer model in the 2016 Kimberley Kamper range, they are all plug-n-play options.



lightweight waterless toilet option for camper trailers

The waterless toilet is a very lightweight option for off road camper trailers


Here is my walk through video:


These are the other new options we have for the 2016 Model Range:

Quad Bike or Dirt Bike(s) Carrier

The Quad Bike Carrier has special chassis changes as well as a specially designed loading rack. The design transfers the weight of the bike directly to the chassis and not to the camper trailer roof. If the bike was just sitting on the Kamper roof, the weight would break the dust seals and probably damage the mechanism. This option requires a Model with air-suspension, electronic disc brakes and mono-tube shock absorbers. It also requires the anti-sway bar option to be fitted. The ATM of this configuration is 2,100 kgs giving at least 400kgs for a bike, 200kgs for the water and 40kgs for fuel. There can be no other accessory added to the rear of the Kamper like an outboard. This can’t be retrofited to prior models.


Carbon Fibre Pattern Steel Wheels


Steel wheels are best for safety with such a high load. We have added a carbon fibre pattern to these wheels for a great new look.

Carbon Fibre Pattern Side trim

To compliment the wheels, we have added side trim strips that run along both sides. As these are also rubber, they provide some side protection.

Front facing LED lights on the Gullwing

For some added style and to light up the front Kamper area at night, we have added a set of 80 LEDs to each side of the edge of the Gullwing. These are NOT approved driving lights but switchable when camping.

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Download our 32 page brochure directly from here by clicking below:

Pleasant Kamping,

Bruce Loxton