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Lightweight off road camper trailers offer more than beach travel

lightweight off road camper trailer on beach

Travelling on the beach at Fraser Island in easy with a lightweight off road camper trailer

Having travelled with a range of off-road caravans and camper trailers, why choose lightweight off-road camper trailers? Are these only necessary for beach travel?

One of the most exciting things about travel is the adventure of not knowing exactly where you will be camping tomorrow.
Sure, you have the sight seeing points targeted; but journey details are fun to pencil in as you go. There is “freedom and adventure” with journeys like this. Freedom that just can’t be replicated with hotels and motels which after a while, all start to look the same.

Lightweight off road camper trailers give you a huge amount of freedom. You can cross any river and go any place that a 4WD can go, and of course, travel and camp on any beach.

lightweight camper trailer river crossing

Crossing the Daintree with lightweight off road camper trailer

Is that a guarantee I hear you ask?

Well it is guaranteed if you have a quality  lightweight camper trailer that is setup to follow you anywhere.

Before we discuss some of the features that make off road camper trailers lightweight, let’s discuss “setting up”.

One way to see this is on the scale of setup time below. You decide what level of comfort you want balanced with hassle free camping :

Lightweight off road camper trailers setup times

Setup time
lightweight off road camper trailers

Opening up and setting up with a 6m x 2m awning Time to have piping hot water at the sink and cup of tea ready to go Time to setup for the toilet suite/ensuite and having a hot shower

1 minute

Kimberley Kamper

5-10 minutes

Kimberley Kamper

Kimberley Kamper

10 minutes +

Most rear folding with gas hot water
(need level ground and time for hot water)

20 minutes +

Most cumbersome side or front folding campers
(you “ultimately” get there though)

30 minutes +

Most Asian sourced “hard floor” campers
(too many things to clip and tuck, Asian “canvas”)

40 minutes +

Most Soft floor campers
(great for new fathers with boundless energy)

Lightweight off road camper trailers special setup requirements

In isolated beach settings, there are can an abundance of wind which requires camping in sheltered spots that may have uneven ground.  If you are away from the coast, there are great camping spots near water: a stream or billabong which is ideal for extracting water for endless showers. Consider these factors for lightweight off road camper trailers:

Setup on uneven ground gives you the million dollar view Strong wind blowing
(no insects though!)

Time to access water if it is close by for an endless hot shower.

1 minute

Kimberley Kamper with air suspension just needs a touch on the paddle valves to level

5-10 minutes

Kimberley Kamper
draught shirt and drivers side wall Velcros together  to face the wind

Kimberley Kamper visi-flow system can directly pump from creek or billabong and bypass tanks

10 minutes

Most campers that need digging out for a wheel and/or leveling with ramps

20 minutes

Most side or front folding campers need careful orientation or the bed is in a wind tunnel (but you “ultimately” get there)

30 minutes

Most Asian sourced “hard floor” campers have Asian polyester for canvas which is poor in high wind

A long time +

Most Soft floor campers are poor to setup with uneven ground

How big is your bucket?

Driving on beaches with lightweight off road camper trailers

View of 1770 and Round Hill head from adjacent beach. Getting access took careful travel across salt pans and through beach creeks but the 10 days here was wonderful. The benefit of lightweight off road camper trailers.

Features of lightweight off road camper trailers

Now what are some features that make off road camper trailers lightweight and easy to travel with?

1 Low Tare weight requires the maximum use of alloy materials in all the right places. Steel boxes and construction is just too heavy. Most people don’t know that a well known Aussie camper trailer is 200kgs heavier than a Kimberley because of a choice of steel and timber. This is just dead weight.
To operate a gas hot water system, the 14-20l hot water tank must always be full. This means the water in it can’t be drained and used. This is just dead weight.
2 Tracking width If your camper trailer’s wheels track the same or similar to your vehicle, they are following in the same tracks as the vehicle reducing the drag significantly.
3 Only alloy poles and very few of them Steel poles are heavy and cumbersome.
Kimberley use alloy poles and can be setup with the side and front awning without a peg in the ground. The simple front strap system is stronger than pegs and a breeze to use.
4 Solar panels that are less than 5kgs for 180w Traditional 180w glass solar panels weigh 25 kgs and are painful to store.
Kimberley’s 180W solar on the tropical roof is a small 5kg addition to the tare weight and can be separated as a portable 180W solar kit if camping  in the shade.
5 No major folding table needed Kimberley have a stainless steel dining bench included in the tare weight in most models. Easy to use, big and seconds to slide away.

Then finally if you wish to take the comfort of a sit on toilet (and why not), the technology is here now to do this with the super lightweight waterless toilets available with easy storage in a Kimberley Kamper. Combine this with the new Toilet Suite and you have excellent comfort anywhere off road.

lightweight waterless toilet option for camper trailers

The waterless toilet is a very lightweight comfort option for off road camper trailers