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Discover a camper trailer camping gem – Stradbroke Island

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offroad camper trailer stradbroke 3428e640x480North Stradbroke Island offers great fishing, remote beach campsites, beautiful lakes, challenging offroad tracks and some great camp grounds all within 1 hour of Brisbane. How will you decide what to do first? 

How to get there
North Stradbroke Island is located just off the Queensland coast east of Brisbane. The only way to reach the island with a camper trailer is on the ferry which leaves from Cleveland. The trip is 45 mins – just long enough for a feed in the well-stocked cafe.  We caught the Big Red Cat – find out timetable and pricing here. This is a busy ferry and bookings are essential!

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Remote Beach Camping
You can get away from the crowds in a well-equipped offroad camper trailer and 4WD if you head to the eastern side of the island. There is a 32km long stretch of beach and designated campgrounds with 300 sites. You’ll need an offroad camper trailer that is designed for rugged offroad use and equipped with plenty of water, large battery capacity and energy efficient lighting. Generators are allowed between 7am and 9pm but best to take some portable solar panels and enjoy the sounds of nature without the humming of a generator.
Click this link to find out more about beach camping on North Stradbroke Island.
Click here to book a 4WD permit for beach camping on North Stradbroke Island.

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Camping Grounds
North Stradbroke offers 6 different camping grounds around the Island. I recently stayed with my family at Amity Point for a week and highly rate it. You can stay right on the waterfront and enjoy fishing from the pier, swimming (in the enclosed section) and endless beautiful sunsets over the water. As a family with young children we found this a great place to stay – the kids could ride their bikes, explore, play on the playground or fish from the pier all within site (mostly) of our camp.

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Things to Do & See
North Stradbroke Island has a bit of everything to keep you entertained. Some highlights for us were the North Gorge Walk, swimming in Brown Lake and hiking to Blue Lake. You can enjoy whale-watching, bush walking, cycling, golf, kayak/canoe tours, sand boarding, surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling. If you are after a more leisurely time then you can check out the art galleries, museums and markets.
Click here for more information about Things to Do & See.  

Offroad Driving
There is some nice beach driving along the eastern side of the island on the 32km long beach. It is nowhere near the scale of Fraser Island but is a good taste of beach driving. There is only one other main challenging track which can be found on the eastern side of the island as well – the keyholes track. This is only recommended for extremely experienced 4WD drivers.
Click here for a YouTube video of some 4WD action on North Stradbroke Island.

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Best time to go
You can enjoy North Stradbroke Island all year round. Fishing is generally best in the winter months. School holidays can be quite busy so you’ll need to book your camping and ferry rides well in advance. We visited in early April just before the school holidays started which was great. It was warm enough for swimming but not stinking hot and there were very few other campers. We were glad to be leaving as the camp ground filled up on the first day of school holidays!

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