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In-car monitoring of air-suspension pressure for off road caravans

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TPMS with Airbag monitoring offroad caravan resized 600Now you can monitor your Kimberley Air Suspension with the same TPMS that monitors the tyre pressures on your vehicle and off road caravan or camper trailer. It can trigger an alarm on pressure loss or temperature variations. To improve safety and driver confidence Kimberley have introduced continous monitoring of the air suspension pressure and temperature. It is so innovative, it is patented.

Suspension innovation is probably the most important factor in a 4WD’s off-road superiority.

In 1970, at a time when almost all 4WDs used primitive leaf springs, Range Rover pioneered the use of soft, long travel coil springs on all four wheels. The benefit of extreme axle articulation became clear to everyone.

Then in 1993, Range Rover suspension design took another leap ahead into the next generation of innovation: electronically controlled, self leveling, variable height pneumatic suspension. (This is where we are today with off-road caravan air-suspension, some 20 years later)

This gave the driver the ability to reduce ride height for high speed cruising, increase it for off-road clearance, maintain a level ride regardless of load, and maintain articulation. The staggering capabilities of this system, in combination with the simultaneously introduced electronic traction control, took the 4WD world by surprise.

Air-suspension has significant benefits with off road caravans and camper trailers.


When air-springs (air-bags) were first introduced, the air-bags were rated at a maximum pressure and loads were pushed past this. In addition, the mechanical fixing of the air-bags, the fittings and compressor were not always as reliable for the high duty rate.

Overall, the market accepted the innovation but reliability stories held back overwhelming acceptance.

Reliability is now up to par with mechanical systems. Prices are now reasonable especially replacement air-bags which can be sourced in many locations around Australia.

However, there is one major concern to air-suspension. The unlikely slow leak!

Just like a tyre, a slow leaking air bag could rupture on an agressive corner. The sudden loss of pressure and potential swaying could severly unsettle the driver let alone lead to lead to an accident.

To improve safety and driver confidence Kimberley have introduced continous monitoring of the air suspension pressure and temperature. It is so innovative, it is patented.

The system uses the Kimberley TPMS. You may be able to use an alternative TPMS systems but Kimberley have tested and proved it with their own system.

The result is:

  • continous read out in your vehicle of the pressure and temperature in the air-bags on either side.
  • user set alarm points for drop of pressure and or rise of temperature
  • Wireless connected from the Karavan or Kamper Trailer to the vehicle
  • uses 2 slot positions on the screen for the air-suspension.
    There is a maximum of 12 positions so when 2 are used for air-suspension moniroring, this leaves 10 positions for the vehicle and trailer tyres.

In tandem configurations, 2 air-bags are coupled together and the system therefore monitors one side of 2 air bags rather than individual bags.

When used with the tandem “Digital control of Auto-ride height”, the system will monitor only 2 of the 4 air-bags. 

The TPMS system can be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter source at the dash with the “repeater” plugged into a separate 12V source in the rear of the vehicle. These 2 items are connected wirelessly. The tyre and air-bag sensors communicate wirelessly with the “repeater” which in turn passes the signals to the colour screen.

The Kimberley TPMS Kit is sized for up to 12 sensors in total:

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Pricing as of April 25th 2014 (subject to change):

TPMS System including colour screen, repeater and 12 Sensors – $1200 (excludes installation and air-suspension housing)

Air-suspension Housing for monitoring of 2 ar-bags (single axle or only 2 with Tandem axle): $490 (includes installation when ordered with new Kamper, Karavan or Kruiser but excludes TPMS) $390 without installation for housings only but no sensors.

The use of a TPMS system and housing for monitoring air-suspension pressure and/or temperature on Vehciles, Camper trailers and off road caravans is protected by an Australian Pending Patent. All images, information and descriptions are copyright of Kimberley Kampers Pty Ltd.


Suspension Design for Off Road Caravans and Camper Trailers

Guide to Suspension Design off road caravan and camper trailer Traveling off-road to out-of-the-way places requires long distances on both highways and off-road tracks.

You have a good choice of coil or air suspension with independent trailing arms.

However, if your caravan has air-suspension, you can drive faster and more confidently on typical rough roads or corrugations, where higher sprung caravans may be reduced to a kangaroo-hopping crawl.

Is the air suspension worth it? Read this eBook to decide. 

This eBook of 28 pages includes the following topics:

  • 1. Independent Suspension Innovation in 4WDs since 1970’s
  • 2. Reliability
  • 3. Digital Age adds to Stability as well as Reliability
  • 4. The Difference with Caravans and Trailers.
  • 5. Camper Trailers and Caravans pre-2000
  • 6. Coil Springs
  • 7. Coil Springs and Stability
  • 8. Air-Springs (Air-bags)
  • 9. Premium Air-springs
  • 10. Roll Stability and overall Design
  • 11. Ride Quality and Lowest Unsprung weight
  • 12. Lowest unsprung mass of any suspension
  • 13. Air Suspension Control Systems
  • 14. Ride Height controlled Air Suspension Systems
  • 15. Changing a Wheel /Tyre without a Jack
  • 16. Driving on 3 Wheels in an Emergency
  • 17. Anti-Sway Bars
  • 18. 5 Year Warranty

With the right caravan and vehicle combination, you can travel safely anywhere and experience all of Australia. 

Download this eBook to find out more!

Download a 28 page guide on off road caravan suspension designwith focus on coil springs and air springs with ride height control

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