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New Kimberley Off-road camper trailer for families sub $35,000

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Traveling with an off road 2014 classic camper trailer blogCameron and Jade Johnston and their family love camping with the during school holidays. They have given Kimberley detailed feedback on the best set of features for family travel on a budget. The new 2014 Model Classic Camper Trailer is priced at sub $35,000 and meets their budget. Read this blog to see if this meets your needs.

Over the past 10 years, Kimberley have progressively upgraded their range of camper trailers with features often requested by customers.
It meant that a lot of those “built up” features involved a cost included with every model. After a review of what features are actually utilized by customers, we rationalized the models so that some of these options are now options rather than forcing customers to take (and pay for) items they will never use.

Kimberley Kamper Classic off-road camper trailer

Examples of this list included the Selecta-Swing-Away® adaptor that is welded on the rear of the chassis, includes a set of high Mpa compression tube fittings and a quick connect electrical connection for a secondary licence plate lamp if required. This was quite expensive and included in every model even though less than 10% of customers use a swing-away unit. You can still choose this in 2014 Models but it is now optional. Likewise with the boat loader mounts, the safe, the all weather window and fan extraction system and other items.

This allowed Kimberley to focus on the feature list that customers list as a core set for a Classic Kimberley Kamper and off course we had to include the diesel hot water system. The new 2014 Kimberley Classic is truly a new Classic and will set a new Standard in off-road Camper Trailers.

off-road camper Master Kitchen Storage

This is great commitment by Kimberley to the family market and those on a budget. It is the best value that we can find in the market at this price point. This is what the market wanted in the sub – $35,000 market.

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Here is the core set of included features which really target family camping:

Kimberley Kamper 2014 Model CLASSIC – $34,990** rrp

  1. Fast setup time in less than a minute. A second bedroom can be left zipped on and folded up at the same time. Click here to see the viseo on just how fast it is.
  2. Hot Dipped Galvanized Chassis with 5 year Warranty that is transferrable to second buyer.
  3. Kimberley’s trademark U shaped kitchen that keeps food preparation separate to cooking, storage and the fridge.
  4. Slide out stainless steel kitchen on locking roller bearings, plumbed hot & cold water and plenty of preparation space and storage space
  5. camper trailer set up in less than a minute

    Diesel hot water system Included which is plumbed into the stainless steel sink as well as an external shower mixer. The system takes its water from the large 120L water tank.

  6. Delta Body Front Storage Pack with 3 separate Gullwing Lids and separate compartments. The Gullwing Lid gives all weather protection.
  7. 120L Water Tank with stone protection
  8. Electric Brakes with Dual Tube Shock Absorbers, parking brake
  9. Stainless Steel 2-Burner with Griller cooker
  10. Slide out large pantry on locking slide
  11. Locking Fridge Slide on roller bearings
  12. Extended Tent with 6.7m long Kwik Awning
  13. Second Bedroom Ready with Zip and full size rear window to take an add-on room for 2, 3 or 4 children. (2,3 size folds up with Kamper)
  14. 140Ah AGM batteries + 10A Intelligent Charger
  15. 25W Solar Panel on Front of Gullwing and 10A intelligent MPPT controller to charge batteries.
  16. LED lights in top of Kamper tent (Kimberley patent), plus at sink and inside Gullwing Lid above the kitchen
  17. diesel hot water system for kimberley off-road camper trailerKimberley’s air and heat extraction system inside the Gullwing pack (Kimberley Patent) for removing the heat build up by compressor refrigerators yet keeping the dust out. The replaceable Filter is included.
  18. Extruded Aluminium Kimberley anodized tie-down rails on top of Gullwing Pack is included and ideal for additional canvas storage packs with a family.
  19. Kimberley’s extended Tent has a large usable hard floor area as the rear wall folds backwards (Kimberley Patent) and will take 2 children sleeping
  20. Pre-installed zip with both mesh window and canvas cover on rear wall. It is through this window that a second bedroom, if required, is zipped on.

What is the feedback families give us as necessary for great camping with a camper trailer?

  • Take bicycles with you to keep everyone busy. Kimberley have a number of ways to store them but on a budget, you can place on the folding roof rack and strap down.
  • Keep the little ones on the hard floor of the main section of the camper trailer. This is quiet, warm and you get good visibility of them. Because of the door design, they will generally need an adult or older sibling to open the door which is safe.
  • The hardfloor of the camper trailer is 150mm approx above the ground. There are special velcro strips on both sides of the windows so that it can be sealed up nice and safe from any creepy crawlies.
  • The screens in a Kimberley are midge proof. Unlike others, there are no open sections or small worm holes for midges to get through. Even the second bedroom is totally sealed. 
  • The second bedroom is great for older siblings of those little ones that are “independent” (we all have at least one of these!). Again to get in and out of this bedroom requires the main camper entrance
  • Have a easy high strong LED for the main camper trailer.
  • Gas hot water system should never be operated by children. They are just too dangerous. On the other hand, diesel hot water systems are bullet proof with children as they use a simple heat exchange to heat the water. Set the diesel hot water system to a maximum 55 degees c temperature for safety.
  • Fast setup time for the main camper trailer means Dad can set up the camper in less than a minute. Then let the helpers in to place their sleeping bags and personal items on the hard floor or in the second bedroom.
  • inside classic camper trailerWhen the weather turns to a strong gale overnight, you need a camper trailer that will withstand strong winds to stand up to it. Kimberley Kampers are generally the last ones left setup when strong winds blow through. The design of the tent including the second bedroom, will give peace of mind to a family.
  • If you are travelling in winter with zero degree overnights, then a heater is a great add-on. Its not standard in the Classic but easy to add-on and it points to the hardfloor and second bedroom.
  • Meal time can be challenge with family but the Classic Camper is well setup to have at least 2 billys on the boil, lone for pasta and one for vegetables with a griller free for those tasty bits!
  • Then clean up time can be a family affair with one person still inside the U shaped kitchen, one person at the sink for washing up and others on the outside of the preparation area. Altogether you could have 4 people around the kitchen area without tripping over each other!
  • At packup time, roll up the sleeping bags and place on top of the main bed at the rear. Then fold up and fold the secong bedroom into the camper trailer as you go!
  • Happy wife, happy life and we all know what makes her happy: happy family!

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