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Kimberley Off-Road Caravans & Camper Trailers at 2013 Geraldton Show

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gary and jill curtis at the geraldton boat caravan and camping show 2013WA Kimberley dealers, Gary & Jill Curtis of West Coast Campers & Gear, have an off-road camper trailer and caravan at the Geraldton Boat, Caravan and Camping Show on now!

Visit the show this Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th April and you’ll be able to see these:

New TPMS 12 wheel tyre pressure monitoring off road caravans

Order your Kimberley at this Show and receive either of our TWO Factory Special Offers!

Receive a Factory Special Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring PAK worth $1290 RRP with your Off-road Camper Trailer or Caravan!
This will monitor up to 12 tyres and is perfect for tandem caravans with 2 spares. The eBook below explains how to optimize your tyre pressures and make full use of a TPMS Pack!

How to Optimize Tyre Pressures and TemperaturesDownload this comprehensive eBook here

lithium-batteries-lightweight-off-road-camper-trailer-bwLITHIUM BATTERY UPGRADE FACTORY SPECIAL OFFER
Order your Kimberley at this show and receive a Kimberley Lithium Battery Upgrade worth $1290 RRP with your Off-road Camper Trailer!* 

  • Lithium Batteries provide great capacity at a low, low weight.
  • Save up to 58kg in your camper trailer!
  • Upgrade from 210Ahr AGM to 126Ahr Lithium Batteries

*Applies to Kimberley Kampers with 210Ahr AGM batteries selected.


Learn more about Kimberley Lithium Batteries in the eBook below:

The Kimberley Factory Special is in addition to any deal that you do with your Kimberley Dealer at the show.

You may still be able to take advantage of this offer after the show by calling West Coast Campers & Gear on (08) 6254 2220 or emailing them at:

They are open: Tuesday – Friday | 9:30AM – 05:00PM & Saturday | 9.30AM – 12:00pm

To register for the Kimberley Tyre Pressure Monitor PAK Factory Special you can do so here:

An Authoritative eBook on Amazing Lithium Batteries
This covers performance and charging

To register for the Kimberley Lithium Battery Upgrade Factory Special you can do so here:

(When you register, there is no compulsion to buy, we respect you are researching and negotiating)

Kimberley also recognize that at this point in the economy more customers want some flexibility with their investments and/or funds when purchasing camper trailers and caravans.

Because the resale value of a Kimberley is maintained at such a high level, there is a good case to consider financing options. Kimberley are co-marketing with GE Capital a range of finance options tailored to suit your needs and the robust resale value of Kimberley products.

So come on down and talk through your off-road accommodation needs and see Australia’s finest off-road camper trailers and caravans for yourself. We’d love to see you at the show!


Kimberley Sales Team and West Coast Campers & Gear

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Why I love camping with an off-road camper trailer

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traveling with an off-road camper trailerI have worked with Kimberley Kampers for over 7 years. I am passionate about traveling and camping in Australia and have a young family who love to get away for our 2-week annual camping trip. Here’s a few reasons why I love camping with an off-road camper trailer…

Stay in out-of-the-way places so you can really connect with your family (for maximum privacy and relaxation)
You may be like me and have an aversion to caravan parks. Sure, they have their place and can be enjoyable, but our ideal location is as far away from the distractions of normal life as possible. We like to escape the ‘real world’ and enjoy a great natural location – it allows us space to enjoy each other’s company and allows the children freedom to explore.

camping at Gordon Country via Warwick with off-road camper trailerWe find our children are at an age (4, 6 and 8) where they are happy to entertain themselves with a creek, rocks and some dirt. And once the kids are entertained we can relax and enoy the camping experience – and prepare the camp oven for the next feast! Ofcourse, any worthwhile out-of-the-way place will include an open fire!

road side lunches are easy to prepare with off-road camper trailerWe find that an off-road camper trailer is perfect for this experience because it is rugged enough to access out-of-the-way places but more importantly (for us) is the fact that they are so easy to set-up, very comfortable to live in and everything that you regularly need  is easy to access. Need to find the marshmallows for the kids?… just slide out the pantry and their they are (not buried in a plastic box somewhere). Want some water for cooking or washing up?… just turn on the tap and away you go. Need to prepare lunch in a hurry?…just slide out the kitchen and get it done (this is especially great when you are on the road)! You have the comforts of home without the walls to spoil the view.

camping with off-road camper trailer lake leslie warwickKimberley off-road camper trailers also make keeping food cold easy when staying in out-of-the-way places. Our family all love ice-cold milk at breakfast time and enjoy some meat cooked on the BBQ for dinner! We normally travel with a Eutectic Autofridge on the easy to use fridge slide. These are a great setup because everyone (including the kids) can easily pull the fridge out and get into it. The low power consumption and large battery capacity of the Kimberley also means we are not worried about having enough power for the fridge. If we are staying longer than our usual 2-3 nights in one location then we can easily get enough recharging done using portable solar panels.  

The efficient fridge, batteries and 12V LED lighting also mean we we don’t need to run a noisy generator. Nothing spoils the sounds of the bush like the hum of a generator! 

The ability to stay in un-powered and remote campsites also means we are not tethered to caravan parks. This way we can change our itenary to suit conditions. On our latest trip we had planned camping a few nights on Lake Cootharaba, Queensland. However the weather had other ideas… rain, rain and more rain! No problem, we simply headed inland to the Southern Downs and the nearest lake away from the coastal down-pours. The places we like to camp often don’t require bookings so there is no worries about losing deposits etc if we change our minds.

camping at Gordon Country via Warwick with off-road camper trailerOff-road camper trailers are easy to tow – keep up with traffic.
When I am travelling long distances on the road I like to be able to keep up with traffic and not feel as if I am holding anyone up. With a Kimberley being towed by a current model Mitsubish Triton dual-cab utility, depending on road conditions ofcourse, I can stick fairly well to the speed limit. Also, the reduced profile of a camper trailer compared to a caravan means I am much less effected by cross-winds.

Quick set up and pack up – more time for spending with the children – see more places.
We tend to travel a fair bit on our trips away and only spend 2-3 nights in any one location. This means we are setting up and packing up fairly often on any trip. Having a hard-floor camper trailer makes this much easier than using a soft-floor camper trailer or tent. We simply find our site, flip over the floor and within minutes we can have an awning up, kitchen out and dinner started. Setting up the children’s bedding usually requires much more time than setting up the camper trailer! Most of the time the children sleep on camping mats on the floor of the camper trailer and we find there is enough room for everything.  

There are many more reasons why I like camping with an off-road camper trailer… which you’ll read about in a full trip report in an up-coming BLOG post. Stay tuned!

For more helpful information about offroad camper trailers download our FREE guide below:

DOWNLOAD a 44 Page Design Guide for Off Road Camper Trailers
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Cameron Johnston | Kimberley Group  

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Secret to minimise Midge Bites in Off-road Caravans & Camper Trailers

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Biting Midge Calendar in Far North AustraliaThe mobile midge is “the most pestiferous in Northern Australia” but contrary to popular belief, they are not sandflies. So what are the design requirements for off road caravans and camper trailers to screen them out? Read about the difference between Midge Mesh and Fly Screen as well as 2 great Health Dept guides!

Blood-feeding insects inject proteins into the body to stop the blood clotting so it flows smoothly to the insect. The irritation and itchiness comes from the body reacting to these exotic proteins.

Each species, whether mosquito, march fly or midge, has its own set of anticoagulant proteins. It can take six months for the body to stop reacting to these. Get bitten by a different species and you will notice it.

While this may be very annoying, the real danger is in what mosquitoes in particular can introduce into the body when they bite.

A microscopic single celled organism that is spread by mosquitoes causes malaria. The disease occurs throughout the warmer parts of the world, but no longer in Australia.

Of more concern are the viruses such as Ross River Virus and about 2000 other viruses that potentially cause chronic fatigue or something worse.

Why these are particularly dangerous to humans is unknown but it is thought that they are naturally occurring in kangaroos and wallabies.

So what are the design requirements for off road caravans and camper trailers?

Screening them out:

The number one requirement is to avoid being bitten during peak periods and at the crucial “dusk” period, just the time of day to be cooking dinner. The Northern Territory publishes a calendar of these periods and the 2013 Calendar can be downloaded here.

Use long trousers and shirts outside with repellent during the peak biting times. 

If you stay inside during this time, it is important to have window and door screens sized to prevent biting midges. Most windows and mesh screens in caravans were developed in Europe or USA and are sized for mosquitoes and not the biting midge.

Kruiser Frameless Windows for large air flow off road caravansThe secret is to use Midge Mesh in off road caravans and at the same time have large open windows for improved airflow! In an off-road camper trailer it is the same requirement. You may be told that midge mesh restricts the air flow which is why a manufacturer won’t use it. This is baloney as the airflow restriction is only 10% more than mosquito mesh and it is easy to have windows 10% larger to compensate! Midge mesh has an aperture size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm and restricts airflow by 64% compared to 58% with Mosquito mesh! Mosquito mesh has an aperture size of 1.0mm x 0.9mm but is generally a heavier guage mesh.

The visibility through the mesh is quite important. White mesh is the worse color to see through and surprisingly black is not the best either. It is a particular colour of dark charcoal that lets the eye “see through” the mesh.

The other interesting point fact with Midge Mesh is that it is not available in China. As a result all those camper trailers with canvas made in China, may have imported the Australian canvas but they always use Chinese sourced mosquito mesh which is not fine enough to screen the midges!.

Airflow design is crucial in off road applications and requires both cross flow and “in and up” design.

Large Midge Mesh Screen is used on windows in every Kimberley Kamper off road camper trailerKimberley use Midge mesh for all their doors and windows in camper trailers, single axle Kimberley Karavan and the dual axle full size Kimberley Kruiser off road caravan.

If you get bitten:

If you get bitten and the bite is itchy, treat it either with a mixture of equal parts cold tea and methylated spirit or cover with a wet washer soaked in hot tap water for about 30 seconds until the itchiness disappears.

Alternatively, there are medications available than minimize the stinging effect from your pharmacy.

Finally, the myth that sandflies pee on the skin making the bite hurt is a joke.

These midges do not do this, and if they did how much would a one millimetre long insect produce?

However, most windows and mesh screens in caravans are sized for mosquitoes and not the biting midge. Inacid it would not hurt unless it came from the head end and into the bite.

Here is a great article by Peter Whelan, Senior medical entomologist, CDC, Darwin:

“Bites and stings in the Top End and how to avoid them” that you can download as well.

To avoid midge bites:

off road caravan midge proof screen magnetic door

How to Avoid Biting Insects

  • COVER up with long sleeves, pants and socks.
  • APPLY picaridin-based repellents.
  • MOSQUITO lanterns can be helpful.

To treat midge bites:

  • SOOTHING lotions.
  • ICE packs.
  • DON’T scratch

DOWNLOAD a 44 Page Design Guide for Off Road Camper Trailers
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